Modern Moroccan Inspired // Boudoir

Making You Glow’s beauty excursion to Morocco was the inspiration behind this session at The Tannery Loft. Morocco was Sarah’s (owner of Making You Glow) second trip with Around the World Beauty. One day I will journey off with these amazing people when the timing feels right. For now, I love that I can vicariously live through Sarah’s experience, and that she returns back here transformed, inspired, and renewed. Having connections with enlightened women like Sarah have inspired me endlessly!! Together, we can find beauty everywhere. Even when we seem to be living redundantly, all it takes is a little bit of sharing each others world’s to ignite the beauty from within us!

All furniture, textiles, and decorations by Kadeema Rentals. Thank you Taylor for modeling and pushing youself beyond your boundaries to do a different kind of photo shoot! One that empowers women and celebrates femininity!!