Hilary // Maternity Session

Hilary’s session was really sentimental and I was truly honored to be the lady behind the lens for this one. We hiked around two giant fields and through the woods and I carried a can of bug spray, my camera equipment, and my step ladder. Hilary held her bag and her 32 week twins. I sweated and Hilary just kept radiating in her glory with not a bead of sweat on her forehead (this is really how things looked). Hilary is a gorgeous person inside and out with a giant sized heart, and I was psyched to make portraits with her. While we walked and took photos, we talked about her daughter Hailey’s life, her hero that she lost to cancer. We talked about her life with Freddy (Freddy, it’s not too late for photos….. I might tease him about this for awhile), their new home, and their babies on the way. We walked until we reached Hilary and Hailey’s place. It was their special place and I’d like to think that Hailey had something to do with the sunlight basking on her mother and her two twin brothers on the way, and that Hailey brought the wind that perfectly blew Hilary’s hair like a supermodel. Hailey’s bracelets are still on her tree. Hailey’s presence was felt all around and will never be forgotten.

Thank you Hilary for showing me all sides of you from day one. Your honest and hilarious side (growling photos not shown) that cliqued with me right away, and your vulnerable side which is all too beautiful as well. Thank you for this day that reminded me to believe in miracles and to love hard. I cannot wait for this new chapter in your life. Your babies are blessed with your beautiful angel always watching over them.