Photography for couples and creatives, located in Southeastern Massachusetts and serving all of New England



My universe consists of my two super fun and amazing boys, one playful pup, and incredible man named Bobby that I get to call my husband and best friend. I’m surrounded by a supportive and entertaining family and group of friends that I don't know what I'd do without.   I love a good hearty laugh and hilariousness but the other side of me loves a deep conversation about life maybe even with a good cry.  When I'm not working I am probably dancing & singing or cooking & cleaning.  Sometimes all at once!!   I  try to do mom things the funnest way possible while raising my boys to be great humans. As a family we love being homebodies but look forward to vacationing and hopefully traveling more!!   You can find my family and I being loud and crazy at home, at the baseball field, being outdoorsy, or out and about exploring new places.  I love drawing inspiration from different places and from the people I'm surrounded by.  You'll often catch me brainstorming and dreaming about business and life.   I am a visionary that is most driven when I'm feeling inspired.   



Ria MacKenzie Photography Boston South Shore documentary lifestyle photographer

Inspired by the world around, my photography is honest, artful, and lively.   It will either make you smile, cry, or hopefully motivate you to go out and live in the moment.  My specialty is capturing real life stories and documenting people’s lives with a photojournalistic approach.  This allows me to deliver images that are natural, nostalgic, and true. Additionally, my connection with those with the entrepreneurial spirit has allowed me to create visually stimulating images for small businesses and creatives.  In my years of photography experience I have dabbled in a little bit of everything.  One thing that I know is that I love making something beautiful for my clients whether it be a memory that comes alive again or images that help creators and small businesses grow.  It’s not about the perfect smile or setting.   It’s about how images make you feel and the story behind it.  It's about representing you in the most unique way.  I love telling stories through photographs.  Let’s connect so I can hear about yours.